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Weirdly, nobody gets arrested and the girls aren't even super freaked out or anything, but actually kind of happy about it for some reason. Much like Scanners, which followed two years later, The Brood was a transitional work for Cronenberg, bridging his low-budget early efforts and the acclaimed masterworks that would arrive from the s onwards. Watch Halloween 4 on Amazon. At first glance, this getaway seems to be about burying the past—but really it is about burying their present animosity together. Meghan Fox stars alongside Seyfried as a high schooler who becomes possessed by the Devil in a botched virgin sacrificial ceremony. Baby will tell you what to do. Once a serial killer doll, always a serial killer doll, amiright?
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Among those set pieces: a paralyzed man is set upon by spiders, a blind girl has her throat torn out by her dog and a man is nailed to the wall by a torch-bearing mob. Each successive final girl gets to enjoy more sex, but more sex means more persecution by the killer. Fallen Kingdom and Empathy for Dinosaurs August 4, Dream Lover: Behind the Scenes April 1, By Scream 3 , she has lost two sets of friends and has dropped out of college to become an introvert and social recluse living in the woods while working for a suicide hotline. This alien parasite might endanger the whole crew —and it does. Watch Evil Dead on Amazon.
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Baby will tell you what to do. A superlative sequel followed in , then two more, before Sir Ridley returned to render the xenomorph extinct; box office receipts and answers to questions no one was asking proving deadlier than any airlock. Young women are sexualised, terrorised, stalked, stabbed, mutilated, raped, penetrated by villains and the camera. Sydney has sex with her boyfriend-turned-killer, but each sequel shows Sydney fending off further assaults. She married to Kevin Klein, looks like this now , and is one of the hottest, if not the hottest girl the '80s had to offer.
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After the death of her partner, Ruth finds herself pregnant and begins to hear voices coming from her womb. You will also find some old shower scenes here. He promises to "pull out", then doesn't; but whatever, it's the '80s so it wasn't a big deal, if the rest of this list has taught us all anything. Skills and business development funding. Indeed, the all-female cast is one of the most intriguing things about what is arguably the best chiller of the last 10 years. The heroine wakes up in a hospital bed with her friends and boyfriend lying beside her. Meghan Fox stars alongside Seyfried as a high schooler who becomes possessed by the Devil in a botched virgin sacrificial ceremony.
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